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Terrill’s Aluminum Cylinder Heads since 1971

Remanufactured aluminum cylinder heads from Terrill’s Aluminum Cylinder Heads are among the best available in the market.
At Terrill’s Aluminum Cylinder Heads we do not use high-volume, mass-production techniques. Inspection of our rebuilt cylinder heads will reveal the care and quality that goes into each head.

All exchange heads are handpicked from our core bank. Each head is disassembled and inspected for flaws and/or damage prior to further processing. All components are chemically and abrasive blast-cleaned as necessary and then moved to the various machining departments.

Pressure testing reveals any damage to the basic casting prior to proceeding with any machining operations. Straightening, stress relieving, and camshaft bearing bore aligning are a few of our specialties.
All guides, valves, seats, springs, retainers, and keepers are tested and/or inspected for factory tolerances. Any part not passing this inspection is discarded at this time.

  • Valve seats are machined on a state of the art SERDI 100  guide and seat machine.
  • All intake and exhaust valves are refaced on a Sioux Valve Refacer.
  • All heads are resurfaced using PCD orCBN cutters for the ultimate surface finish.
  • All stem heights and valve spring tensions are set to factory specs.
  • Heat tabs are installed on each head.
  • Each exchange head is packaged in clear PVC to keep it clean.